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The Northug Eyewear Performance Collection is made for those who place great demands on their equipment.

The glasses are created for performance and have a large range of characteristics which will improve your performance, regardless of your sport or activity.

Sports glasses designed in Norway
-Sport Optical System
-Unique SwiftClickTM technology
-TR90 Frame (Withstands from -30 to +35 degrees)
- TR rubber with adjustable steel wire
- Soft, frictionless TPE rubber on the end piece
- Oleophobically and hydrophobically treated (Water and grease repellent)
-UV resistant
-Scratch-resistance (Unbreakable and scratch-resistant)

Northug Eyewear Performance is designed by Norway's most famous industrial designer, Bård Eker. Eker is known for having designed, among other things, the boat brand Hydrolift, the sports car Koenigsegg and motorcycles for Ducati - all symbols of striking design combined with world-class functionality. These qualities are also reflected in the glasses.
"We have worked closely with Northug on the development of the sports glasses Performance. He has many good ideas, and we have really pushed the boundaries to create something innovative and of high quality. "- Bård Eker "

Gold PRO Series

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The PRO series are five models with lenses dedicated to individual sports; Watersport, Road, Off-Road, Golf and Snow. The PRO lenses combine the Color Highlight and Color Contrast technologies. With Northug Eyewear's use of specially functional color spectra, our PRO lenses have the best color filtering function. This is to improve the colors required for a specific sport - for better performance and maximum enjoyment of the activity.

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Gold Series

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The Northug Performance Gold Series covers all your needs for high intensity activities. In addition to that you also get exchangeable top and bottom-frames which are exclusive to the Gold-series.

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Silver Series

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Northug Performance Silver Series provides you with excellent protection against the elements during high intensity activities. In addition, you have the ability to customize and adapt the glasses for optimal fit and weather conditions.

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Classic Series

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Northug Performance Classic Series have many of the same key characteristics as the glasses in the Silver and Gold series and offers good protection against the elements. The series covers the basic requirements for good quality sports glasses, and you can easily upgrade to lenses with more advanced quality if needed.

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The standard model is the widest model.
They look exactly like the narrow glasses and have the same technical features, but are slightly larger and have longer eyeglasses. The standard model fits with standard lenses.

The Narrow model is the narrowest model.
They look exactly like the standard glasses and have the same technical features, but are slightly smaller and fit well with those with a slightly narrower face as well as juniors. The Narrow model fits with narrow lenses.


The lenses in the Northug Performance Collection are of extremely high quality and provide excellent protection against the elements such as light and wind. Furthermore, the robust and scratch resistant lenses keep out any foreign particles such as sand, dust, insects and stone chippings. These are glasses which can withstand robust use, properly.


Our new purpose-specific PRO lenses, as well as the redeveloped 2.0 lenses within Revo, UV and Photochromatic is now launched. All have been given new, further improved properties.

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