In the ski track, Petter Northug lived to be the best. To succeed, he went his own way. It is this philosophy that forms the basis of Northug Sportswear and Northug Eyewear. We are not here to be like everyone else. To adapt. We are here to challenge established truths. We are here to give power to those who want to be the best possible.

For us, design is about performance. It's about the feeling of being pushed forward when you are really empty. About rocking - without anything else getting in the way."Show them your back," was the advice Grandpa Northug gave Petter. We will do the same with the competitors. This is how we will equip people to overcome all opposition.

Petter Northug

Petter Northug is Olympic champion and 13 times world champion. He is driven by a burning competitive instinct, and the product brand Northug is based on his enormous sports career in the ski track. Petter's relentless winning instinct is reflected in the details of Northug's products. The combination of optimal fit, raw design, robust quality and technological innovations, ensures you maximum performance and facilitates you to be able to achieve your goal.

Northug Eyewear

Northug Eyewear is made in collaboration between the world champion Petter Northug and the industrial designer Bård Eker. With a focus on quality and an active lifestyle, the sports glasses Northug are made with a high grave of curiosity and perfectionism.In the collection you will find fast glasses in the category Sport and Performance, as well as everyday glasses in the category Lifestyle.

Northug Sportswear

Northug Sportswear is entirely designed in Norway, by a design team that delivers the best of technical design, aimed at active and discerning athletes. Here, "everything" is thought of so that the usability is top notch. These properties are repeated in all function and details in Northug Sportswear.

Northug Menswear and Northug Womenswear are made with a high focus on the use of sustainable materials. The majority of the collection is made from recycled polyester and recycled nylon materials. The recycled materials are certified and meet the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0. Recycled materials are as good as new. The fabrics have the same elasticity, comfort, color fastness and durability and are equally moisture-repellent / transporting. By using recycled materials, we save natural resources, reduce the amount of plastic waste on the planet, save energy in production and generate less carbon dioxide emissions, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions . Recycled materials help reduce the harmful effects of production on humans and the planet. With this, we give new life to used plastic bottles and reduce the use of new plastic. We work continuously to ensure that a larger part of the collection is with recycled or organic materials.

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